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Patterson Communications, Inc.


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Protecting privacy with advanced electronic countermeasures against eavesdropping and industrial espionage.


Serving corporations,  organizations, and high profile individuals throughout the US and the world.



Patterson Communications is an internationally recognized firm specializing in communications security, eavesdropping protection, and technical surveillance countermeasures ("TSCM" or debugging sweeps) as well as technical support services for executive security.

We provide confidential counter-surveillance and counter-eavesdropping services that will help to insure that your business is protected -- from illegal wiretaps, electronic bugging, and other types of information loss. We can assist in evaluating your facilities for information security weaknesses and provide countermeasures sweeps using the most advance technology to determine the presence and location of potential eavesdropping devices or other threats.

Protecting your confidential information should not be left to amateurs or part time technicians. We are specialists in our field dedicated to the highest standards of service. We work closely with well established investigation firms who know that their clients need expert counter-surveillance services and will not accept anything less than the best.

We work closely with corporate security teams to assist with other technical needs, such as radio communications and command post operations, as well as providing countermeasures sweeps for their principals.

Typical areas of eavesdropping concern.

We are based in New York, but available for immediate response nationwide or internationally.

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